Our partners, a well-known logistics company, need Warehouse Employees. You will work in the warehouse with different types of products (electronics, medicines, etc) and you will have to perform the following tasks:

  • Orderpicking: preparation of the beginnings on the basis of a hand scanner and the management of a single EPT
  • Unloading / loading: loading and unloading packages with products in / from the distribution machines;
  • Packaging: checking the returned products and packing them in new boxes, by checking the conformity of the products


  • mainly work in a standing position so it is expected that you do not have any complaints that may hinder your posture
  •  need to have a good eyesight.
  • work in a normal temperature within the warehouse


Conversational English. (B1)

The salary is 10,93 euros/hour/bruto (10,01 euro bruto/hour base salary + 0,92 euro bruto holiday money) +shift allowance

If you need a place to stay while working for us, we can arrange you to live near the company in our location in the region!


Weekly payments on time
Guaranteed income of 350 euros brutto/week
After only 11 months of contract you will get contract with guaranteed hours
The MyOTTO application for easy checking of the program and the salary
Opportunities for career development (in OTTO)

Take a look inside in one of the locations: